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Orthognathic classification - Too less teeth showing

Facial features
In a short face the upper teeth are hidden behind the upper lip in rest. There are not enough upper teeth onshow when the patient laughs or speaks. The upper jaw is vertically deficient and has not developed sufficiently in the vertical dimension. We find the short face within all types of dental occlusions (i.e. Class I - II or III).

Edentulous people also often end up with a short face due to an inappropriate denture.
Facial Sculpture Clinic - Dr Joël Defrancq - Jaw surgery and implant reconstructive surgery Orthognathic surgery is most effective treatment in changing the inherent deficient facial proportions. Surgery consists of a Le Fort I extrusion procedure, usually a bone graft (anterior hip). An eventual lower jaw adjustment where needed can be indicated to correct the eventual dental bite. An extrusion genioplasty is often indicated as well. This is a very good indication for orthognathic surgery and the postoperative results are absolutely rewarding.