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Simone: croton oil peeling.

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Facelift

About this case

Simone is 73 years old and is still enjoying life. Only recently did she stop working in her brasserie-tearoom. She has always loved the sun, and she has been smoking for many, many years. She had some plastic surgery done some years ago, eyelids and a facelift, but this did not affect the wrinkles and skin texture.

For six weeks she followed the programme of skin preparing ointments, three times a day, with three different ointments that Dr Defrancq delivered to her in the essential preparation to the croton oil peel. Finally Dr Defrancq did the croton oil peeling on her and followed her through the "aftercare".

Three months later she only received but positive remarks on her presence and look. Her skin felt reborn.