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Sofia: croton oil peeling

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Facelift

About this case

In January 2015, Sofia turned 50. She has a busy job, but managed to reserve 10 days off. She has a rather difficult skin texture. Her wrinkles, obviously present, keep her busy, and for a year she was playing with the idea of reserving a window of time for a croton oil peel.

Croton oil peel is a most rewarding skin treatment but it is a prerequisite that patients appreciate the impact over time. Here follow some pictures with exact dates, in order to have a realistic idea of the healing over time. Dr Defrancq stresses that, although the first days, it looks horrific, the treatment is absolutely not painful at all.

Remember, there is no alternative for this treatment, and the results are absolutely amazing and long lasting. So the bottom line is that you need to go through something before you get something: a long-lasting gorgeous result. The treatment is not harmful or unhealthy. The skin also gets thicker with more youthful collagen and elastin, where with the laser alternative treatment the skin gets thinner.

The result finally shown here is after eight weeks, but it takes three months before redness completely vanishes. This takes time, but the results are absolutely fabulous and worthwhile.