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Eric: Lipofilling - nano filling of the cheek

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Lipofilling
  • Lipofilling-nanofilling of the cheek region

About this case

The patient has an acne atrophic skin disease on the left cheek. The etiology was further unknown. The result was obtained in two sessions:

  • First a lipofilling was performed with micro-fat from the umbilical area. This to restore the volume of the sunken-in area. The peculiarity of micro-fat is that the harvested fat lobules are smaller than 1 mm. Small lobules of fat take more easy in their new embedded environment than bigger ones.
  • In a second procedure (three months later) the texture of the skin was enhanced with nano-fat, harvested from the same umbilical region. Nano-fat is a rather new concept in the facial rejuvenation story and is processed from micro-fat. Nano-fat contains only the stem cells present in the harvested micro-fat. The fat cells themselves are removed. In fat tissue there is indeed a huge reservoir of stem cells. The nano-fat is injected with a sharp needle, most superficially in the dermis. It is known to enhance the texture and quality of the skin.

The result is simply gorgeous...