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Benny: gonial augmentation / Wrap around / PSI / PEEK implant

Facial diagnosis

  • Too short lower jaw
  • Too narrow lower jaw
  • Mandibular deficiency in gonial area's as well as week chin

Dental diagnosis

  • Class I

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Mandibular wrap around implant in PEEK / Wrap around PSI

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Cheek augmentation
  • Jaw angle augmentation
  • Mandibular "wrap around " in PEEK

About this case

Benny came to my consultation with the clear question to give him more chin and more gonial angles. A patient specific implant was a most straight forward choice. For the choice of implant material we choose the PEEK.The work includes not only the surgery itself but as well many hours of progressive design realisation. Realise the inner side of the implant is obviously a male fit on a female surface,  based on a CBCT - i-cat. So this is rather an easy start. But the outer contour has to be created from scratch. Although it seems straight forward, it is clearly not. It is based on anatomy, patient wishes, artistry, experience  and progressive insight. Benny was most happy with the outcome and the implant is in actually place since a year.