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Paula: Implants all on four / dental zygoma implants / dental implants in lower and upper jaw

Treatment dental implants

  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) upper jaw
  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) lower jaw
  • Zygomatic dental implants
  • Immediate loading

About this case

Paula has a dark and painful mouth history since almost a decennium. Living with pain, not able to eat what she wants, choosing her food so that it should not hurt her. An endless story with so many dentist saying, it is almost impossible to do whatever to help her. After extensive and careful study we had two option : extensive bone grafting (hip graft) or zygoma implants. All was thoroughly discussed with Paula and her husband, and we choose for the zygoma implants in the upper and a classic immediate loding in the lower. Very rarely I had a patient so wonderfully happy with a fixed denture, achieved within a week after the surgery, including a dental try-in after two days.