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Fed: Cheek implant / Malar implant/ Zygoma augmentation / Peek implant / PSI

Facial diagnosis

  • Malar deficiency

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Cheek augmentation / Peek implants / malar - suborbital augmentation / PSI

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Cheek augmentation
  • Cheek augmentation / Peek implants / malar - suborbital augmentation / PSI

About this case

Fed came on consultation with the question if anything could be done to give him more malar augmentation. Especially in summertime, when doing lots of sports people told him he looked so fatigued although he was absolutely in top form. So we worked him a design out from more volume  with a specific masculine design. For two-three weeks he was rather swollen but then his face started to clear up, and Fed became extremely happy with the outcome. The complains he had of fatigue appearance were gone and he got a boost of confidence.