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Rudo: Pseudo prognatism - open bite- too small upperjaw - asymmetry

Facial diagnosis

  • Protruding lower jaw
  • Receding lower jaw
  • Too narrow upper jaw
  • Open bite

Dental diagnosis

  • Class III
  • Open bite

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Setback lower jaw (BSSO)
  • Advancement upper jaw (Le Fort I)
  • Rotation upper jaw
  • Rotation lower jaw
  • Chin surgery (Sliding genioplasty)
  • Widening upper jaw (Smile distractor)

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Cheek augmentation

About this case

Rudo had a rather complicated bite. His treatment involved a SARPE Unilatéral droite, an extensive orthodontic treatment, and finally an orthognaztic surgery:
Lefort I advancement 7mm, intrusion 2mm, roation to the left 1,2mm
Bsso adjustment to a class I
Genioplasty advancement 6mm
High cheekbone augmentation with HA 2 X 2 gram, also in labiomental fold HA was added with membrane 1,5mm.
Submental liposuction in the light also of his snoring - pending sleepapnea.