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Facial diagnosis

  • Canted smile

Treatment dental implants

  • Zygomatic dental implants

About this case

Maurice is in his early 70s. He was desperate to find a sustainable and comfortable solution for his bite. The upper prosthesis did not hold anymore, and it sucked away his living energy.

Dr Defrancq studied his i-Cat. The upper jaw was atrophic without enough bone volume. He wanted by all means the most simple solution. So Dr Defrancq placed 4 zygomatic implants in the upper jaw. This was realised under general anaesthesia, including the impression-taking for the lab technician. There was also place for one regular implant in the front. The superstructure was made in chrome and resin, due to restricted finances. Also the lowered dentition was left untouched for the same reason.
Maurice was delighted with the outcome. The fixed construction was realised in four days, including an aesthetic-functional pass.

One detail: his speech afterwards was difficult. He spoke with a manifest lisp. The solution came after two weeks by reducing the vertical dimension of the resin. This was done in the dental chair. Since then the lisp is totally resolved.