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Serge: M. Masseter Hypertrofie - Jaw muscles too thick

Facial diagnosis

  • M. Masseter Hypertrofie - Jaw muscles too thick

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Muscle and bone reduction

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Jaw angle reduction
  • Substantial masseter muscle reduction

About this case

Serge is a fairly young man. He lives very healthy, does a lot of sport and loves a good healthy diet. A very sweet, pleasant and inspiring man to deal with.
But he is saddened by the fact that people so often make remarks about his face. It also hurts him that because of the chewing muscle hypertrophy he doesn't come across as gentil and soft in contact with people as he really is.
He came to see me to see if something could reasonably be improved here.
A CBCT (i-cat 3D) study was done and the surgery discussed. The masseter muscle was removed bilaterally for 2/3 to 3/4 of its volume over the whole lenght. Also a goniale jaw angle shaving with limited bone reduction was performed at the site of the masseter muscle attachment. The lower jaw line was also shaved off the lower edge and both at the lower edge and vestibularly reduced with moderation and sensation.
10 weeks after the operation he came to visit again. A happy and smiling man. So grateful too.