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Facial diagnosis

  • Protruding lower jaw
  • Asymmetric face
  • Too narrow upper jaw

Dental diagnosis

  • Class III

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Setback lower jaw (BSSO)
  • Advancement upper jaw (Le Fort I)
  • Rotation upper jaw
  • Chin surgery (Sliding genioplasty)

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Jaw angle reduction

About this case

Volter has a lower jaw problem. His asymmetry accelerated in adolescence and left him with an open bite on the left side. The cause is a considerable overgrowth of bone on the left side of the lower jaw. Volter is an adult so his growth is finished. The treatment plan consisted of orthodontics and surgery. Upper jaw surgery was necessary to level the occlusal plane symmetrically to the eyes. The upper jaw was also advanced and transversally substantially widened to obtain proper fitting with the lower jaw. Lower jaw surgery consisted of establishing the right occlusion and bite in symmetry and also accordance with the upper jaw. Shaving of the inferior border of the lower jaw was necessary without damaging the mandibular nerve. This nerve gives sensitivity to the lower left lip. For further facial harmony and symmetry Dr Defrancq performed chin surgery as well with shortening more on the left than on the right so that even more symmetry was realised. Volter was delighted with the obtained overall facial symmetry and his new biting possibilities.