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Pierre: Gonial angle augmentation / Wrap around/ PEEK -implants / PSI / Patient Specific Implants / with chin augmentation.

Facial diagnosis

  • Receding lower jaw
  • Too narrow lower jaw

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Patient Specific Implant in PEEK. Wrap around: gonial angle-to chin-to gonial angle

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Jaw angle augmentation
  • Chin enlargement, jaw angle enhancemzent

About this case

Exemple of PEEK implant: Patient Specific Implant.
Pierre came to visit me. He wanted to know if there was a possibility to make his facial appearance a bit more virile, without the change beeing too obvious. He wanted specifically the chin area broader as well as angle area. We made the 3D scan and presented him the workout, that he loved. Finally we placed the wrap around. The implant is made from scratch using the 3D Pictures (dycomfiles made from his I-cat). The implant material is PEEK, whitch is a high end implant material,made totally individually to the person and 100% computer driven. After an initial period of swelling Pierre was absolutely happy with the outcome of the surgery, and his facial appearance.