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Vanessa: PEEK wrap lower jaw around, PEEK High cheek bone augmentation

Facial diagnosis

  • Too short lower jaw
  • Asymmetric face
  • PEEK implants, computer driven

Dental diagnosis

  • Class I

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Wrap around PEEK implants (lower mandibule) and PEEK Implants for high cheek bone augmentation

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Cheek augmentation
  • Jaw angle augmentation

About this case

Vanessa had orthognatic surgery undergone some18 yrs ago.  Later on (some years later)  silicone gonial angles placed, since she probably was a high angle case, with a lack of gonial expression. but now, some 15 years later those started to hurt.  An I-cat I was taken, and in both area’s of the gonial angles the bone was just disappearing: over the years the  strength of the chewing muscles  had the silicone implants pressed deep medial in the bone.

So the plan was to first remove the silicone. Then, after the full healing process (3 month) the further plan was to reconstruct the due volume loss with PEEK implants. The area to be covered was as well the gonial angles as the chin area. Therefore we choose for a straight wrap around in PEEK material. Since the high cheekbones were quite deflated as well we proposed Vanessa to work those area’s up with two further Peek implants.

The result presented here is 3,5 months after the surgery. Those surgeries are notorious for prolonged swelling due to the long incisions intra orally. This is lymph oedema . Even now, at the time of the postoperative pictures, there is still some clear swelling present, but this gets better every day. Is the result not rewarding?