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Jeffrey: Gonial angle augmentation/ Peek implants / Wrap around / PSI = patient specific implants

Facial diagnosis

  • Receding upper jaw
  • Too short lower jaw
  • Missing gonial angles and lower mandibular border line.

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Chin surgery (Sliding genioplasty)
  • Gonial angles and lower border PEEK implants

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Jaw angle augmentation
  • Lipofilling
  • Lower border enhancement with PEEK implants

About this case

Jeffrey is a nice and well educated young man. Years ago he had a lower jaw surgery along the inferior border of his mandible, reducing all too much of the angle and inferior border, and this almost to a defiguring level. Following this Jeffrey had a rather rough time. Neither his family, neither his friends, neither himself approved by far the result. It took Jeffrey literally years to overcome this feeling of iatrogenic misfit. Finally he rebuilt his confidence in the medical world and had the courage to look for further professional advice.

Jeffrey came to see me without all too much expectations. Can you make the situation  a bit better doctor? So we very thoroughly studied his case and possibilities. Finally we came up with this plan, and worked it out through several teleconferencings with an implant driven company. Ina three dimensional modus, we worked out a genioplasty with advancement and extrusion. Further more we rebuilt the further inferior border line and gonial angles with well designed PEEK implants. The outcome was and is astonishing. Gorgeous result. A result that is finally to be seen as a fruit of modern possibilities on implant materiel, on 3D possibilities and of a bit of field experience. Thanks the Lord we live in a time that all this is readily possible without all too much of a hassle. Rather a simple straightforward procedure. But really, what a result. Thanks Jeffrey for so much confidence in all of the involved parties.