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Feodor: All on four zygoma implants on total maxillectomy (tumour)

About this case

Feodor certainly healed from his tumor after resection of his upper jaw. But after this, his quality of live was vanished.  Prosthesis after prosthesis was tempted to give him some speech facilities and some eating facilities. He was presented to me, and I explained Feodor the possibility of the all on four zygoma implants facility. He simply did not believe it, since all the attempts of restoration up till now turned  into a deception. But he gave up, and let me do. One week later Feodor could clearly speek, and could eat and drink properly as anyone of us. I became his hero. I show this case because people should realise that nowadays there are so many solutions for so many problems, and I thought, sincerely, it is fine to let those possibilities know to a broader public, although it is for sure not a common patient.