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Jhonny: Lower jaw short, upper jaw small and narrow. Redo osteotomy.

Facial diagnosis

  • Receding lower jaw
  • Receding upper jaw
  • Too short lower jaw
  • Too short upper jaw
  • Canted smile

Dental diagnosis

  • Class III

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Advancement lower jaw (BSSO)
  • Advancement upper jaw (Le Fort I)
  • Chin surgery (Sliding genioplasty)
  • Widening upper jaw (Smile distractor)

Treatment dental implants

  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) upper jaw
  • Implants with osteotomy
  • Implants with bone graft

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Cheek augmentation

About this case

Jhonny had 7 years ago an osteotomy done (upper jaw - chin ) elsewhere . It left him a bit traumatised and uncertain. He came out of the surgery retrognathic and heavely asymmetric with a sunken-in right side of the face. The bite was heavily compromised and the flow of his face interrupted. He came, sent by his dentist, for evaluation and evt implants. Dental work as such in the upper jaw was considered long and difficult and his front teeth ankylosed. Dr defrancq proposed the following pragmatic treatment plan: BSSO advancement as well as a considerable Le Fort I advancement with bone graft for consolidation and built up. Total extraction in the upper jaw, with implants and Immediate loading. High cheek bone augmentation was done with HA and tisseel® (see my website). All those surgeries were completed in one time. It took some time for Jhonny to get a natural result, since the soft tissues had to adapt considerably to the bones of the face. But all went well. It was a most evident new facial start for Jhonny and he was most enthusiastic and thankful about the outcome.