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Vyna: Redo implants, zygoma implants, all on four, immediate loading.

Treatment dental implants

  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) lower jaw
  • Zygomatic dental implants
  • Redo

About this case

Vyna is an extremely positive women. Ten years ago she went to a colleague to fit her teeth with implants. Since no bone was available a hip graft was performed to built up the upper jaw. Finally a type of overdenture was installed. She got infected around the implants almost immediately after the delivery of the superstructures. Since then her live changed to the dark. It was dominated by pain, antibiotics, doctor consultations, pain, pain, pain…. Nobody gave her a solution. Antibiotics, mouth rinses, by kilo’s and hectolitres. Finally she came to me, referred by a colleague. I did her a proposal. She was initially very reserved since her past experiences. But I insisted. She needed  to do something. It was indeed an extremely unhealthy situation, and it only would get worse. So what follows is exactly what Dr Defancq did: four days before the surgery antibiotics were given. During the one and only surgery, the tissues were cleaned meticulously and where necessary excised. All infection was removed. All implants were removed as well or they felt out when the superstructure was tempted to unscrew. The implants were placed: 4 zygomatic implants in the upper, four regular implants in the lower. Direct impressions were taken.  Three days later the fixed teeth were tried in the mouth, and 2 days later the final teeth were placed. Since that day Vyna was without pain, with a clean and healthy mouth, and she picked up her live again. A happy and extremely thankful patient.