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Nan: Immediate loading on implants, all on four concept in the upper jaw.

Treatment dental implants

  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) upper jaw

About this case

Nan is 93 years old. He is a character, enjoying live, reeds the newspaper, quick and alert. He is a bit sad that he can not chew as he would like. Also shy to visit a restaurant with his children and lovely wive. Too less teeth in the upper. Too less bite. By all means he rejects a conventional loose prosthesis. This is something from the last century, he told me. His dream is fixed teeth in the upper. Under local anesthesia the rest dentition in the upper was extracted, the implants were placed and the appropriate impresssions were taken. This took Dr Defrancq all together one hour, since there was anough bone. Two days later Dr. Defrancq was able to place the fixed immediate loading on the upper jaw. Enjoy your bite Nan, and enjoy your favourite restorant.