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Belissima: Weak chin surgery

Facial diagnosis

  • Receding lower jaw
  • Open bite
  • Weak chin

Dental diagnosis

  • Class I
  • Slight open bite

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Chin surgery (Sliding genioplasty)
  • Chin advancement & extrusion, + lower jaw surgery


About this case

Belissima is a young girl, and genuine artist. She is looking into her future with an open happy mind. She came into my office with a straight forward question: Dr Defrancq is there anything reasonnably that can be done to give me more volume in my chin region. So after a short period of orthodontics she had a rather minimal advancement of the lower jaw (BSSO). But in essence the result had to come almost exclusively from the genioplasty. The result was simply georgeous. You can imagine, she indeed was most satisfied with the outcome as was her family and entourage.