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Kobbe: open bite, upper jaw too far backwards,

Facial diagnosis

  • Receding upper jaw
  • Open bite
  • Huge open bite

Dental diagnosis

  • Class III
  • Huge open bite, too narrow your jaw.

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Advancement upper jaw (Le Fort I)
  • Posterior intrusion and advancement of upper jaw & advancement lower jaw


About this case

Kobbe was in surgical orthodontic treatment for two years: 2014-2015. March 2016 he came on a control appointment since the brackets were removed end 2015. Let's recapitulate a bit. Kobbe presented  early 2014 with a considerable open bite, not easy to treat at all. We started with the widening of the upper jaw (smile distractor - Titamed®). The widening was considerable, and the closure took 4-5 months, but meanwhile the orthodontics could go on. This is a clear advantage of the smiledistractor whith a skeletal anchorage. Finally the orthognathic surgery could go on: Le Fort I and BSSO. After the surgery, the orthodontic fine-tuning of the bite was finalised, and the result is simply amazing:  A nice face, a beautiful smile, a perfect non compromised bite. In summary: an extremely happy patient.