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Veli: new teeth in a week - implants.

Facial diagnosis

  • Desolate dentition.

Dental diagnosis

  • Class I

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Teeth extractions

Treatment dental implants

  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) upper jaw
  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) lower jaw


About this case

Veli had since years in mind to do something about his teeth. Especially his smile disturbed him, and this to a point where he continuously putted his hand in front of his mouth when smiling. He consulted several professionals. Finally he decided  to go for the total and most convenient option: removal of dentition and placements of implants with direct loading of the implants. The procedure went very smoothly and was performed in January,( o2 clinic Berchem Antwerp). The postoperative pictures are taken exactly 9 days later, and this even before the last stitches were removed. An extremely happy patient, but also an extremely thankful patient.