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Danice: too big upper jaw.

Facial diagnosis

  • Receding lower jaw
  • Protruding upper jaw
  • Too long upper jaw

Treatment jaw surgery

  • Advancement lower jaw (BSSO)
  • Setback upper jaw (Le Fort I)
  • Shortening upper jaw (intrusion upper jaw - Le Fort I)
  • Chin surgery (Sliding genioplasty)

About this case

Danice is an older case from years ago. The reason Dr Defrancq wants to show Danice, is that it is one of the most explicit examples of a true upper jaw prognathism that he has seen through the years. A major setback of the upper jaw was mandatory (Le Fort I) as well as an exceptional transversal narrowing of this jaw. Nevertheless a lower jaw advancement (BSSO), as well as a genioplasty advancement were needed.