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Facial diagnosis

  • Atrophic jaws - edentulous

Dental diagnosis

  • Class I

Treatment dental implants

  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) upper jaw
  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) lower jaw
  • Implants with bone graft
  • Lower teeth extraction and extended bone levelling in the lower jaw

About this case

Theodora is nearly 67. For many years she has been suffering from pain and the inability to hold a denture in the upper jaw. The lower dentition is reduced to some front teeth. Her dentist has always advised her to keep her teeth as long as possible. Her lower teeth grew out and this had a great impact on the upper maxilla: it pulverised her upper front area. This is commonly seen in patients and is termed the combination syndrome.
The plan was for a dental implant rehabilitation. She opted for a bone graft to rebuild her upper jaw with an immediate loading in the lower jaw. A denture was temporarily made for the upper jaw. Four months later the implants were placed in the upper jaw and three months later the final chrome-cobalt superstructure. Theodora felt like she had been reborn... No more soreness, no more pain and enjoying the food she had not tasted for so many years. She still very vividly remembers the thrilling joy of biting on an apple the first time. A holy sacral moment she will never forget.

Another approach for her problem could have been 4 zygomatic implants instead of regular implants with a bone graft.