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Bastiana: Facial liposuction - - cervical liposuction

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Liposuction
  • Extensive liposuction of neck & face

About this case

Bastiana had just turned 40. Her general weight was for sure not exhaustive, but her face really was, and by all means not in balance with the rest of her body. She confirmed to us that she had been checked out for endocrinological disorders without any particular findings. Her mother had an implant treatment in Dr Defrancq’s office and she asked if I could do something for her so that her face would appear less fatty. She confirmed Dr Defrancq that she was snoring with intermittent apnoeas, but did not want to check it out since she came from another country.

Dr Defrancq proposed her a liposuction of the entire face and the removal of the fat pad of Bichat, the last surgery from an intraoral approach. The liposuction started from the cheekbones down, very systematically, and was very symmetrically controlled. The liposuction was continued over the neck area. Stab incisions of 1.5 mm were made on 5 points: one submental, one down the earlobe and one at the mouth corner. 36 cc of fat was removed with a 3 mm cannula on a soft suction device. At the control visit one week later, she was obviously better but still considerably swollen, and by no means foretelling the final result. After five weeks she returned to the office: how gorgeous she looked! What a presence! What happiness!