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Ronny: Frontal forehead augmentation. Peek implant. PSI.

Facial diagnosis

  • Receding forehead and lack of frontal bossing

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Forehead peek implant, to start from nose bridge and supraorbital

About this case

  1. Ronny is in his forties. His question was if we could do something on the deficient appearance of the frontal supraorbital bone. Peek implants are in my opinion ideal for this anatomically driven restoration. The aim of the well planned procedure was to create more slope and convexity starting from the nose bridge and the supraorbital area. It seems an all invasive surgery, but it is n't. It is a rather straight forward procedure, but you need to approach the area through a bi-coronal incision, starting at the hairline.The implant is placed directly on the bone and is a patient specific implant, created from the dicom file of the i-cat (3D RX). Implants can be made this way for the forehead, temples, temporal and occipital area's of the cranium. Although the surgery is to label rather straight forward, the critical point is the creation and design of the implant itself, based on anatomy and common artistic sense. Ronny was upmost happy and comforted by the realisation of a forehead more in the line of what is anatomically expected for a male.