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Theodora: Lipofilling

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Lipofilling
  • 35 cc were distributed over the different facial area's, including eyelids.

About this case

Theodora is a nice looking girl. She realised she had protruding lower jaw angles, but elected nothing to do about it, seen she considered this as part of her self and her ethnics. Theodora though wanted some softer facial features; a better flow of the face. Her lips were nice and full, and stable in volume since the fat application more than a decade ago. So Dr.Defrancq  prepared a sketch-drawing of her face, indicating the amounts on the different area’s to be brought in. Dr Defrancq used the MAFTGUN to bring in the little fat bullets in place. In post.op Theodora is now 7 weeks further. There is still some darker are's in the lower eyelids due to some Hb colouring of the blood effusion.This will take two months more to disappear. But she looks gorgeous with undeniable softened facial contours.