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Geert: Implants all on four, facial llipofilling, cervical liposuction

Facial diagnosis

  • Subcutaneous fat disappeared in the face. Deflated face.

Dental diagnosis

  • Class I
  • Failing teeth in the upper jaw.

Treatment dental implants

  • Implant supported bridge (fixed denture) upper jaw
  • Immediate Temporary Chrome-Cobalt Resine Teeth. Posterior implants are put to sleep.

Treatment aesthetic surgery

  • Lipofilling
  • Extensive Facial lipofilling (55-60cc). Facial rejuvenation.


About this case

Immediate loading on the upper jaw
Geert came into my office for an implant supported bridge on the upper jaw.
I offered Geert also a facial lipofilling since his face was clearly deflated.
He was happy to accept. SURGERY 7 DECEMBER 2015 

  • The acrilic-chrome cobalt teeth are temporary. They were realised in 4 days, but the back implants were not loaded since not firm enough in the bone. See also the impacted premolar on the left side. Those sleeping implants will be incorporated within 3 months. During this time he will continue to function on the nine teeth in the front area.
  • The lipofilling was 55 cc, distributed all over the face. This was done with the MAFTGUN, a device who force you to add the little fat bullets one by one, thus in an absolute controllable manner.
  • All this: one single surgery.